Asus K501+ Nvidia 320M + Intel 330 = FAIL

The Asus K501D notebook / laptop (which includes the Nvidia GeForce GT 320M Graphics Processing Unit and Windows 7) simply does not work with an Intel 330 Solid State Drive harddrive.

(Note: The Intel X25-M series SSD does work — probably because it’s SATA II (at 3 GB/s instead of 6 GBs/s) or because it has more “nm” (34nm vs. 25nm. … whatever that means).

The Intel 330 SSD just won’t work no matter how much you play with the following options:

– Setting ACHI or IDE controller modes in the BIOS (which calls the modes “Enhanced” vs. “Compatible” respectively)

– Installing via ASUS restore disks, ASUS backup disks, fresh Windows 7 installation software, images, and clones.

– Installing ASUS stock drivers, Nvidia WHQL-certified and BETA drivers, Intel RST and “regular INF” drivers, and generic Microsoft ATA drivers.

– Installing drivers before or after Windows installation.

– Booting from DVD vs. USB.

– Booting drives in different priority orders (as set in BIOS)

That said, if you do know how to make it work, please let me know.


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