TypeKit CSS Font Family Names

Mapping TypeKit font common names to CSS font family name and font weight combinations. (TypeKit help article)


Example: Mappings for recent Franklin Gothic URW kits.

TypeKit Font Name CSS Font Family CSS Font Weight
Franklin Gothic URW Light “Franklin-Gothic-URW” 300
Franklin Gothic URW Book “Franklin-Gothic-URW” 400
Franklin Gothic URW Medium “Franklin-Gothic-URW” 500
Franklin Gothic URW Demi “Franklin-Gothic-URW” 700
Franklin Gothic URW Heavy “Franklin-Gothic-URW” 900

March Snowfall in Washington DC

Year       Days of Month *                                Year       Days of Month *

1996        2, 7-8                                                2011       27th

1999        9, 14                                                 2013       6, 25

2001        5th                                                    2014       3, 16-17, 25

2003        1st                                                    2015       1,5

2005        8th                                                    2016       4th

2007        7, 16                                                 2017       13-14

2009        1-2                                                  

*  Days at Reagan National Airport, 1996-2017, with more than “trace” snowfall as reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

List of all security Microsoft Windows Updates by KB Number


(Does not include non-security Knowledge Base updates)

Consolidated List of Toyota Camry Tail & Brake Light Bulbs (by Brand)

If you want to merely replace a Camry light bulb but couldn’t find a simple list of brands/types, look no further…

Camry Tail and Brake Light Bulb List

Attach Visual Studio Debugger to SalesLogix Client Process

If “Attach to Process” only fake-attaches to the saleslogic.exe process, and does not hit breakpoints, try selecting:

“Managed (v4.0) code” for “Attach to:”


Movie Analysis by Professional Screenwriter

General Analyses (Tag)

   e.g. Edge of Tomorrow

Screenplay Analysis Classroom Discussions (sub-link “Themes”)

   e.g. Pan’s Labyrinth

Google Sitemap Schemas

Add more definition to your core sitemap with Google sitemap extension schemas: