How Google Analytics determines Source dimension

Google Analytics, in their Audience Reports, sets a website visitor’s Campaign Source, Traffic Source, and Referral Source fields according to this processing flow chart diagram.

Umbraco RestServices BulkPublish PublishDocument

The Umbraco PublishDialog.js pop-up publishes content documents via REST web services with:

(linked to GitHub Umbraco Source)

This controller action was a bit obfuscated as I sought an *easy* way to get the published content document’s URL.  Which unfortunately may not exist yet.

Sylvania auto light bulb part model numbers for Toyota Corolla

Useful when shopping at Autozone for replacement car lights.

Sylvania part numbers for Toyota Corolla 2007 lights

Sylvania part numbers for Toyota Corolla 2008 lights

Sylvania part numbers for Toyota Corolla 2009 lights

Sylvania part numbers for Toyota Corolla 2010 lights

Sylvania part numbers for Toyota Corolla 2011 lights

Sylvania part numbers for Toyota Corolla 2012 lights

Neurons and Psychology Terms

Many researchers/theorists hypothesize, as their best guess, that psychology concepts arise from neurobiology (that is, “neurons firing*.“) as follows (very roughly speaking):

  • Consciousness = Neurons fire*. in a pattern that reflects “information,” as defined by information theory.  The reflected information is consciousness (as experienced by humans).
  • Qualia = Neurons fire*. in a basic*. pattern that reflects a fundamental “bit of information,” as defined by information theory.  The reflected information is a lowest-level bit of conscious experience (e.g. the “redness of red”, the “fearful feeling of pure fear”, etc…).  Qualia are better represented when we account for the probability that a neuron will fire.
  • Prediction = As part of a pattern, neurons fire*l because enough, but not all, of other connected neurons (in the same pattern) have already fired*l.
  • Memory*l = Neurons fire in a pattern in which they had already fired*l (during a past experience).  The involved neurons may not be the same cells, and may not fire in exactly the same patterns, as those of the original experience.
  • Salience = Neurons fire*l in response to a stimulus (external or internal), which yields consciousness and a motor (and/or endocrine) response to gain more information about the stimulus.  Salience and “general consciousness” are very similar concepts.
  • Concept / Abstraction = Neurons fire*l in a pattern that is a subset of a larger pattern.  The subset comprises a “representative sample” of neurons from the larger pattern.
  • More to come: Working memory, ADD, emotion, obsession, imagination, cognition, goal.

Much psychology research centers on certain popular concepts and terms.  And much neurobiology research explores them too, often in great technical detail.

But few places define a simple mapping between the abstract concepts and their underlying fundamental, neurobiological principles (which typically involve neurons “firing” or “not firing”).  Hence this post.

Calls from phone number 315-364-0660

If you constantly receive random static-sounding calls from 315-364-0660, please comment.

It traces back to a VOIP phone in Aurora, NY.  When you call them, an automated voice says the company name sounds something like “Call Evolution” with instructions to leave a message for a “John Young.”

How to Remove Stuck Brake Rotor with Tool

If you can not take off a brake rotor rusted to a wheel hub, try using a…

Gear Puller or
Rotor Puller


(Click photo for video)

Other techniques include:

  • Screwing bolt through caliper attachment holes (behind rotor) to push off rotor
  • Screwing bolt through rotor screw holes (between studs – often with impact driver) to pull off rotor
  • Smashing between studs with hammer
  • Smashing rotor from back with hammer or special swinging rotor-smash tool
    (which I’ve heard-of but never seen)
  • Adding penetrating oil or lubricant
  • Heating with torch (don’t use if you recently applied oil)

Hit took out RG3’s knee (Redskins-Ravens)



The hit (by Ravens tackle Haloti Ngata) that took out Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III (RG3) during the 12/9/2012 game Q4.