How to Remove Stuck Brake Rotor with Tool

If you can not take off a brake rotor rusted to a wheel hub, try using a…

Gear Puller or
Rotor Puller


(Click photo for video)

Other techniques include:

  • Screwing bolt through caliper attachment holes (behind rotor) to push off rotor
  • Screwing bolt through rotor screw holes (between studs – often with impact driver) to pull off rotor
  • Smashing between studs with hammer
  • Smashing rotor from back with hammer or special swinging rotor-smash tool
    (which I’ve heard-of but never seen)
  • Adding penetrating oil or lubricant
  • Heating with torch (don’t use if you recently applied oil)


One Comment on “How to Remove Stuck Brake Rotor with Tool”

  1. I did this to your car today.

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