TypeKit CSS Font Family Names

Mapping TypeKit font common names to CSS font family name and font weight combinations. (TypeKit help article)


Example: Mappings for recent Franklin Gothic URW kits.

TypeKit Font Name CSS Font Family CSS Font Weight
Franklin Gothic URW Light “Franklin-Gothic-URW” 300
Franklin Gothic URW Book “Franklin-Gothic-URW” 400
Franklin Gothic URW Medium “Franklin-Gothic-URW” 500
Franklin Gothic URW Demi “Franklin-Gothic-URW” 700
Franklin Gothic URW Heavy “Franklin-Gothic-URW” 900

March Snowfall in Washington DC

Year       Days of Month *                                Year       Days of Month *

1996        2, 7-8                                                2011       27th

1999        9, 14                                                 2013       6, 25

2001        5th                                                    2014       3, 16-17, 25

2003        1st                                                    2015       1,5

2005        8th                                                    2016       4th

2007        7, 16                                                 2017       13-14

2009        1-2                                                  

*  Days at Reagan National Airport, 1996-2017, with more than “trace” snowfall as reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

List of all security Microsoft Windows Updates by KB Number


(Does not include non-security Knowledge Base updates)

Consolidated List of Toyota Camry Tail & Brake Light Bulbs (by Brand)

If you want to merely replace a Camry light bulb but couldn’t find a simple list of brands/types, look no further…

Camry Tail and Brake Light Bulb List

Attach Visual Studio Debugger to SalesLogix Client Process

If “Attach to Process” only fake-attaches to the saleslogic.exe process, and does not hit breakpoints, try selecting:

“Managed (v4.0) code” for “Attach to:”


Movie Analysis by Professional Screenwriter

General Analyses (Tag)

   e.g. Edge of Tomorrow

Screenplay Analysis Classroom Discussions (sub-link “Themes”)

   e.g. Pan’s Labyrinth

Google Sitemap Schemas

Add more definition to your core sitemap with Google sitemap extension schemas:

How Google Analytics determines Source dimension

Google Analytics, in their Audience Reports, sets a website visitor’s Campaign Source, Traffic Source, and Referral Source fields according to this processing flow chart diagram.

Umbraco RestServices BulkPublish PublishDocument

The Umbraco PublishDialog.js pop-up publishes content documents via REST web services with:

(linked to GitHub Umbraco Source)

This controller action was a bit obfuscated as I sought an *easy* way to get the published content document’s URL.  Which unfortunately may not exist yet.

Sylvania auto light bulb part model numbers for Toyota Corolla

Useful when shopping at Autozone for replacement car lights.

Sylvania part numbers for Toyota Corolla 2007 lights

Sylvania part numbers for Toyota Corolla 2008 lights

Sylvania part numbers for Toyota Corolla 2009 lights

Sylvania part numbers for Toyota Corolla 2010 lights

Sylvania part numbers for Toyota Corolla 2011 lights

Sylvania part numbers for Toyota Corolla 2012 lights